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A new Calliostoma species (Gastropoda : Calliostomatidae) from Angola

Published in Iberus, in 2006, in volume 24, pages 55-59
Authors: Franck Boyer

Two Volvarina (Marginellidae) from deep waters off Northern Honduras

Published in Novapex, in 2001, in volume 2, pages 3-8
Authors: Franck Boyer

The discovery of a radula in a Dentimargo species and its taxonomic implications

Published in Iberus, in 2005, in volume 23, pages 47-52
Authors: Franck Boyer

The Cystiscidae (Caenogastropoda) from upper reef formations of New Caledonia

Published in Iberus, in 2003, in volume 21, pages 241-272
Authors: Franck Boyer

Description of five new marginellids from bathyal levels of southern New Caledonia

Published in Novapex, in 2002, in volume 3, pages 87-96
Authors: Franck Boyer

A replacement name for Calliostoma (Fautor) fernandesi Boyer, 2006

Published in Iberus, in 2007, in volume 25, pages 115-116
Authors: Franck Boyer

About a sibling species of Mitrella minor (Scacchi, 1836)

Published in Iberus, in 2005, in volume 23, pages 53-67

A new Anachis (Gastropoda: Columbellidae) from Gabon

Published in Novapex, in 2006, in volume 7, pages 25-27

About the settling of Erosaria turdus (Lamarck, 1810) in Mediterranean

Published in Bollettino Malacologico, in 2005, in volume 41, issue 5-8, pages 9-12

Variability and distribution of Clavatula mystica (Reeve, 1843)

Published in Iberus, in 2004, in volume 22, pages 77-84