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Vanikoridae de la costa occidental africana (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Published in Iberus, in 1993, in volume 11, issue 2, pages 45-57

A new species of the genus Leucorhynchia (Gastropoda, Turbinidae) from West Africa

Published in Novapex, in 2012, in volume 13, issue 1, pages 29-32

The family Tornidae (Gastropoda, Rissooidea) in the Caribbean and neighboring areas

Published in Iberus, in 2011, in volume 29, issue 2, pages 1-223

A new species of Murchisonella (Heterobranchia, Murchisonellidae) from Cuba

Published in Novapex, in 2013, in volume 14, issue 1, pages 17-19

The genus Lophocochlias Pilsbry, 1921 (Gastropoda, Tornidae) in the Indo-West Pacific

Published in Novapex, in 2015, in volume 16, issue 4, pages 105-120