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Descriptions of two new hydroids and a revision of the hydroid-fauna of Lord Howe Island

Published in Records of the Australian Museum, in 1918, in volume 12, pages 27-47
Authors: E A Briggs

Hydrozoa from one hundred fathoms, seven miles east of Cape Pillar, Tasmania

Published in Records of the Australian Museum, in 1914, in volume 10, pages 285-302
Authors: E A Briggs

Hydroids from New South Wales

Published in Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, in 1915, in volume 40, pages 196-202
Authors: E A Briggs

Notes on Tasmanian Caprellidae

Published in Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, in 1914, in volume 1914, pages 75-80
Authors: E A Briggs


Published in Scientific Reports / Great Barrier Reef Expedition 1928-29, in 1931, in volume 4, issue 6, pages 181-196