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Systropus columbianus (Diptera, Bombyllidae) Reared From Larva Of Limacodid Moth

Published in Entomological News, in 1980, in volume 91, pages 89-91
Authors: A Aiello

Mimicry by illusion in a sexually dimorphic, day-flying moth, Dysschema jansonis (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae: Pericopinae)

Published in Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera, in 1988, in volume 26, issue 1-4, pages 173-176


Published in Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, in 1999, in volume 101, pages 300-311

The 49th Annual Meeting Eastern Branch Entomological Society of America Boston, MA

Published in Journal of The New York Entomological Society, in 1977, in volume 85, issue 4, pages 162-208
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