Vol. 76, pp. 181-190 2 August 1963 ^/L/ f OC2J PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON STATUS OF CERTAIN FOX SQUIRRELS IN MEXICO AND ARIZONA By M. Raymond Lee and Donald F. Hoffmeister Museum of Natural History, University of Illinois, Urbana The Sciurus nayaritensis group of fox squirrels previously was composed of three nominal species — Sciurus chiricahuae Goldman, 1933, Sciurus apache J. A. Allen, 1893, and Sciurus nayaritensis J. A. Allen, 1889. These squirrels inhabit the mixed pine-oak forests of the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona and the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico southward as far as southern Jalisco. In the course of investigations of mammals of the Southwest, we were confronted with the problem of the relationships and taxonomic status of S. chiricahuae. Goldman (1933: 72) re-garded certain differences between S. chiricahuae and S. apache and the complete geographical isolation of the former as sufficient evidence for regarding the two as specifically distinct. He stated, however, that they are obviously very closely related. Other authors have also indicated that these forms are related and in fact may be only subspecifically dis-tinct (Hall and Kelson, 1959: 392). Earlier descriptions of S. chiricahuae and S. apache indicated that differences in size — external and cranial — were of lesser importance than were those of shape and proportions of the skull and coloration. No one subsequently has examined an adequate number of specimens to verify these contentions. Finally, our interest in the taxo-nomic relationship of S. chiricahuae and S. apache also has led us to reevaluate the position of S. nayaritensis, whose range is complementary to that of S. apache. For permitting us access to their collections we are indebted to the following persons: R. G. Van Gelder and Sydney Ander-son, American Museum of Natural History; E. R. Hall and J. K. Jones, Jr., Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas; 23— Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., Vol. 76, 1963 (181)



Status of certain fox squirrels in Mexico and Arizona

M R Lee and D F Hoffmeister
Proceedings of The Biological Society of Washington 76: 181-189 (1963)

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