PROC. BIOL. SOC. WASH. 94(4), 1981, pp. 1205-1210 POTAMOTRYGONOCOTYLE TSALICKISI, NEW GENUS AND SPECIES (MONOGENEA: MONOCOTYLIDAE) AND PARAHETERONCHOCOTYLE AMAZONENSIS, NEW GENUS AND SPECIES (MONOGENEA: HEXABOTHRIIDAE) FROM POTAMOTRYGON CIRCULARIS GARMAN (CHONDRICHTHYES: POTAMOTRYGONIDAE) IN NORTHWESTERN BRAZIL Monte A. Mayes, Daniel R. Brooks, and Thomas B. Thorson Abstract. — Two new monogeneans are described from Potamotrygon cir-cularis in northwestern Brazil. The first species, a monocotylid, most closely resembles members of Heterocotyle but differs by possessing oral glands and by lacking sclerites in the septa dividing the opisthaptor into loculi. The new species further possesses dorsal muscular papillae on the opisthaptor, a trait which members of Neoheterocotyle exhibit, but resem-bles Neoheterocotyle in no other diagnostic traits. The new genus Potam-otrygonocotyle is proposed to accommodate the new species. The second new species, for which the new genus Paraheteronchocotyle is proposed, is a member of the Hexabothriidae. It differs from all other known hexa-bothriids by lacking anchors on the haptoral appendix. The new species exhibits sucker and hook morphology intermediate between two currently-recognized groups of hexabothriids. One group exhibits suckers and hooks of subequal size and the other exhibits suckers and hooks each comprising two different size classes. The new species possesses uniform-sized suckers and unequal-sized hooks. Introduction From 1975 to 1979, we conducted field studies collecting helminth para-sites inhabiting freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygonidae) from northern and eastern South America. Among the helminths collected were specimens of two new species of monogeneans described herein. This report is the first record of any monogeneans inhabiting freshwater stingrays. Based on their morphological traits, we propose a new genus for each species. Materials and Methods Hosts were harpooned by local fishermen and were examined alive or shortly after death. Gills were removed, placed in fresh water and examined for living monogeneans, or were preserved in 10% formalin for future ex-



Potamotrygonocotyle tsalickisi, new genus and species (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) and Paraheteronchocotyle amazonensis, new genus and species (Monogenea: Hexabothriidae) from Potamotrygon circularis Garman (Chondrichthyes: Potamotrygonidae) in north western Brazil

Monte A Myers, Daniel R Brooks and Thomas B Thorson
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 94(4): 1205-1210 (1981)

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