PROC. BIOL. SOC. WASH. 107(3), 1994, pp. 421-428 DESCRIPTION OF A NEW SPECIES OF SUBFOSSIL EAGLE FROM MADAGASCAR: STEPHANOAETUS (AVES: FALCONIFORMES) FROM THE DEPOSITS OF AMPASAMBAZIMBA Steven M. Goodman Abstract.— StwcvdiX bones recovered from subfossil deposits at Ampasam-bazimba, Madagascar, are described as a new species of eagle, Stephanoaetus mahery. These bones presumably date from the Holocene. S. coronatus, oc-curring on the African mainland, is the only extant member of this genus, and throughout much of its range feeds extensively on primates weighing up to about 12 kg. Bones of a remarkable assortment of lemurs have been recovered from Ampasambazimba and it is suggested that S. mahery may have preyed upon primates. Further, the legendary Rokh, a giant bird reputed to have occurred on Madagascar, from the tales of Sinbad and Marco Polo, may have been derived from S. mahery. Resume.— Une nouvelle espece d'aigle, Stephanoaetus mahery, fait I'objet d'une description realisee a partir de divers ossements provenant des depots subfossiles d' Ampasambazimba, Madagascar. L'age estime de ces ossements est de I'holocene. Stephanoaetus coronatus, qui se rencontre sur le continent africain, est actuellement I'unique espece connue dans ce genre. Cette espece se nourrit communement de primates pesant environ 1 2 kg. De remarquables ossements de lemuriens ont ete retrouves a Ampasambazimba et il a est suggere que S. mahery pourrait etre un predateur de primates. Par ailleurs, la legende de I'oiseau rock, celebre oiseau-geant ayant ete vecu a Madagascar dont on trouve des details dans I'Histoire de Sinbad le marin et de Marco Polo pourait etre celle de S. mahery. Famintinana. -TsLolambiby maro hita avy tao amin'ny farita misy taratsie-fan-taolambiby ao Ampasambazimba, Madagasikara, no noheverina fa kara-zamboromahery vaovao, Stephanoaetus mahery. Araka ny tombatombana mi-kasika ireo taolana ireo, dia efa hatramin'ny vanimpotoana jeolozika "Holocene" no nisian'izy ireo tao ambanin'ny tany. S. coronatus, hita any amin'ny kaoti-nanta afrikana, no hany karazana mitovy amin'io mbola velona ankehitriny izay mivelona ara-dalana amin'ny fihinanana karazana varika milanja sahabo ho 12 kg eo ho eo izay hitany ao amin'ny faritra iainany. Mbola nahitana karazan-taolambiby voafaritra ho varika ihany koa tao Ampasambazimba, noho izany azo heverina fa io S. mahery io dia nihaza sy nihinana karazam-barika. Ankoatr'izany, ilay angano mikasika an'ilay hoe "Rokh" na ilay vo-rombe malaza niana tany Madagasikara, nalaina avy tao amin'ny Tantaran'i Sinbad sy Marco Polo dia mety tsy ho hafa fa'ity atao hoe S. mahery ity ihany. The modem bird fauna of Madagascar is course of the last few millennia the island well-known for its high level of endemism, has undergone drastic ecological change, a of the 201 extant resident species 105 (52%) portion of which clearly is human induced are endemic (Langrand 1990). During the (Perrier de la Bathie 1921, Battistini& Ver-



Description Of A New Species Of Subfossil Eagle From Madagascar - Stephanoaetus (Aves, Falconiformes) From The Deposits Of Ampasambazimba

S M Goodman
Proceedings of The Biological Society of Washington 107: 421-428 (1994)

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