PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON 110(1):154. 1997. Selection of a type species for Farfantepenaeus Burukovsky (Crustacea: Decapoda: Penaeidae) Rudolf N. Burukovsky Department of Hydrobiology, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Sovetsky Avenue 1, 236000 Kaliningrad, Russia. Abstract. — Penaeus brasiliensis Latreille, 1817, is selected as the type spe-cies of the subgenus Farfantepenaeus Burukovsky, of the genus Penaeus. The complex penaeid shrimp genus Pe-naeus Fabricius, 1798, has over time, been divided into a number of subgenera, includ-ing the nominate subgenus Penaeus, Meli-certus Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 1814, Litopen-aeus Perez Farfante, 1969, Fenneropenaeus Perez Farfante, 1969, and Farfantepenaeus Burukovsky, 1972. In a paper on the systematics and distri-bution of species of Penaeus, Burukovsky (1972) proposed the new subgenus Farfan-tepenaeus, included in it the species P. duorarum, P. brasiliensis, P. aztecus, P. calif orniensis, P. brevirostris, and P. pau-lensis, but did not designate a type species. According to Article 13b of the Internation-al Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1985), any genus-group name published after 1930 must be accompanied by the fix-ation of a type species, to make the name available. This brief note is published to correct this situation. Family Penaeidae Genus Penaeus Fabricius, 1798 Farfantepenaeus, new subgenus Penaeus (Farfantepenaeus) Burukovsky, 1972:10, 13, 17.— Perez Farfante, 1988:9. Type species: By present designation, Penaeus brasiliensis Latreille, 1817:156. Type locality: Brazil ["cotes du Bresil"]. Literature Cited Burukovsky, R. N. 1972. Nekotorye voprosy siste-matiki i rasprostraneniya krevetok roda Penae-us. Rybokhozyaistvennye issledovaniya v At-lanticheskom okeane. [Some problems of the systematics and distribution of shrimps of the genus Penaeus]. — Trudy AtlantNIRO, Kalinin-grad 42:3-21. Fabricius, J. C. 1798. Supplementum Entomologiae Systematicae. Hafniae, 572 pp. Latreille, R A. 1817. Penee. In Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle applique aux arts, principa-lement 1' agriculture et l'economie rurale . . . Volume 25:152-156, Paris. Deterville. Perez Farfante, I. 1969. Western Atlantic shrimps of the genus Penaeus. — Fisheries Bulletin, U.S. 67(3):46 1-591. . 1988. Illustrated key to penaeoid shrimps of commerce in the Americas. — NOAA Technical Report NMFS 64:1-32. Rafinesque-Schmaltz, C. S. 1814. Precis des decou-vertes et travaux somiologiques de M. r. C. S. Rafinesque-Schmaltz entre 1800 et 1814 ou choix raisonne de ses principales decouvertes en zoologie et en botanique, pour servir s' introd-uction a ses ouvrages futurs. Palermo, Royale Typographic Militaire, 55 pp.



Selection Of A Type Species For Farfantepenaeus Burukovsky (Crustacea: Decapoda: Penaeidae)

R N Burukovsky
Proceedings of The Biological Society of Washington 110: 154-154 (1997)

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