PROCEEDINGS OF THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION U. S. NATIONAL MUSEUM Vol. 108 Wathington : 1959 Nc 3410 A FURTHER STUDY OF MICRONESIAN POLYCLAD FLATWORMS By LiBBiE H. Hyman * The material treated in this article was assembled from several sources: one vial from the Templeton Crocker Expedition of 1933, collected at Vanikoro Island; one vial taken at Guam by D. H. John-son; three vials collected by Cadet Hand at Kapingamarangi Atoll in the Caroline Islands; six vials from Eniwetok Atoll collected by D. J. Reish; 21 vials collected on Ifaluk Atoll, western Carolines, under the auspices of the Pacific Science Board Atoll Research Program, 1953, mainly by D. P. Abbott, some by F. M. Bayer and others; 20 vials collected in the Palau Islands, 1955, by a team com-posed of R. R. Harry, H. A. Fehlmann, and F. M. Bayer, from Stanford University and the U. S. National Museum (USNM) ; and two polyclads found in a miscellaneous collection of material from the Palau Islands presented to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). The field work at Ifaluk and Kapingamarangi Atolls was supported by funds from Contract N 7-onr-29104 (NR 388-001) by the Office of Naval Research, Department of the Navy, and National Academy of Sciences. Work at Palau was undertaken by arrangements with the Pacific Science Board (National Academy of Sciences — National Research Council) and the Office of Naval Research under Contract N 7-onr-291 (57). The polyclads of the tropical and subtropical waters of the vast Indo-West Pacific region are imperfectly known and have not been > American Museum of Natural History, New York, N. Y. 543



A Further Study of Micronesian Polyclad Flatworms

Libby H Hyman
Proceedings of The United States National Museum 108: 543-597 (1959)

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