THE SCORPIONS OF THE WESTERN PART OF THE UNITED STATES, WITH NOTES ON THOSE OCCURRING IN NORTHERN MEXICO By H. E. EwiNG, Of ihe Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture INTRODUCTION During recent years many inquiries have been received in regard to the identity, habits, and the seriousness of the stings of our scorpions. Most of these have come from the Southwestern States where scorpions are abundant and where the activities of the people bring many of them in frequent contact with these venomous arach-nids. Scorpions in this section of tlie country are a great annoyance. Although serious cases of stinging have been few there, across the border in northern Mexico many reports of serious consequences following scorpion stings have been made. In the State of Durango even death has been attributed to them. Because of these inquiries and reports it was decided to investigate especially the scorpions of the Southwest. This paper is the first to be prepared dealing with them. In it a taxonimic synopsis is given of all the species reported from the United States west of the Mississippi River. In dealing with the more common species the distribution, as far as known up to the present, has been given. Although but little has been learned of the life histories, habits, and effects of the venom of most of our species, that which is known is summarized. More com-plete revisionary papers dealing with the taxonomy and literature of the species occurring in North America are planned. Notes are frequently added concerning species occurring in north-ern Mexico. These are of particular value since the writer has had the opportunity of studying a large collection of scorpions taken in Durango, Mexico and some other localities in that country by Dr. W. J. Baerg, of the University of Arkansas. Also it is of much im^Dortance to know if the species which are being reported as beingr fatal to man in Durango occur within our borders and if so to what extent and under what conditions. No. 2730.-PROCEEDINGS U. S. NATIONAL MUSEUM, VOL. 73, ART. 9. 78958—28 1 1



The scorpions of the western part of the United States, with notes on those occurring in northern Mexico

H E Ewing
Proceedings of The United States National Museum 73: 1-24 (1928)

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