258 Mr. R. T. Pocock on Additional Sainmary. Species eonsidej-ed valid, but requiring generic revision. Reduvius guttatus, "Walk. Cat. Het. vii. p. 181. u. 7 (1873), belongs to gen. Homalocnris. semifasciatiis, Walk. loc. cit. p. 202. n. 66, belongs to gen. Pirates. coleopteroides, Walk. he. cit. p. 203. n. 69, belongs to gen. Hiranetis. Species treated as synoyiipnic. Heduvius negamicus, Walk. Cat. Het. vii. p. 191. n. 38 (1873),= Vitunmus scenieus, Stal, var. sobrinus, Stal. ' ergthritius, Walk. loc. cit. p. 200. n. 61,= Ci/dnocoris gilvus, Burm. Spiniger limhifer, Walk. loc. cit. p. 166. n. Q\ , = Inara Jlavopieta, StSl. conflictus, Walk. loc. cit. n. Q>2,=.Inara Jlavopicta, Stal. XXXI. ? Borne new Spiders from the Camaroons collected by Mr. G. L. Bates. By R. I. PocOCK. So far as araclinological collecting is concerned, Mr. G. L. Bates has lately eclipsed his previous exploits by discovering the Oriental genus Calommafa in W. Africa. The other new species recorded in these pages need no special mention. Family Aviculariidae. Genus Batesiella, nov. Allied to Pho7ieyusa, but with the protarsal scopula of the first leg covering only the distal half of the segment, of the second covering only the distal third, of the third and fourth occupying only the apical sixth ; fourth leg much longer than first, third as long as first j tibia and protarsi of third and fourth furnished with numerous suberect curved bristles, giving a characteristic " bottle-brush " appearance to the segments, the short hairs clothing the segments at the base of these bristles thick and squamuliforra. Batesiella crinita, sp. u. ^ .? Colour of body mouse-brown; femora of anterior legs and palpi deep greyish brown, the remaining segments noticeably rufescent. Carajjace with cephalic region rather high and with deep grooves, as long as patella, tibia, and tarsus of palp, longer



Some new spiders from the camaroons collected by Mr G. L. Bates

R I Pocock
Ann. Mag. nat. Hist (7) 11: 258-264 (1903)

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