14 ENTOMOLOGICAL NEWS [JAN., '29 Hancock's Studies of Inheritance in Green and Pink Katy-Dids, Amblycorypha oblongifolia DeUeer (Orthop.: Tettigoniidae). Bv ROBERT K. NABOURS J Kansas State Agricultural College and Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan, Kansas. In the ENTOMOLOGICAL NEWS, Vol. xxvii, pp. 70-82, the late Dr. Joseph Lane Hancock, of Chicago, gave a preliminary account of his extraordinary experiment in crossing a male green Katy-did with a pink female of the species Amblycorypha oblongifolia. There is an historical sketch, an account of the finding of the pink female and a description, in considerable detail, of the methods of breeding and the general biology of these Katy-dids. Then there is a summary, in part as follows : 1. A green male was mated to the pink Katy-did, and the eggs were oviposited in the summer of 1912. Hancock was the first to observe that the females of this species oviposited in the ground. He was also first to discover that some of the o eggs required two, and others three years before hatching. 2. There were thirteen F progeny, eight pink and two green hatched two years (1914), and one pink and two green hatched three years (1915) after the eggs had been oviposited, a ratio of 9 pink : 4 green. There were approximately as many males as females. 3. In June, 1914, four pairs of the F x pink, and one pair of the green Katy-dids were mated. Three of the pink and the one green female oviposited in the ground of their respective cages late in the summer and early autumn. 4. In the summer of 1915, a green female, of the one pink and two green individuals which hatched that year from the 1912 mating, was mated to a green male from the field. Later in the summer she oviposited. 5. Hancock concluded that the pink color, as well as the green, was hereditary, and that the idea of these colors in Katy-dids being dependent on the absorption of the coloring matter taken in with the food was erroneous. At the time of the publication of this paper, February, 1916, Hancock was looking forward to the hatching of the F.. progeny in the summers of 1916, 1917 and 1918.



Hancock's Studies of Inheritance in Green and Pink Katydids, Amblycorypha oblongifolia DeGeer (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae

Entomological News 40: 14-16 (1929)

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