PROC. BIOL. SOC. WASH. 106(2), 1993, pp. 296-304 BRANCHINECTA SANDIEGONENSIS, A NEW SPECIES OF FAIRY SHRIMP (CRUSTACEA: ANOSTRACA) FROM WESTERN NORTH AMERICA Michael Fugate Abstract.— Branchinecta sandiegonensis, a. new species of fairy shrimp is described from vernal pools on Del Mar Mesa, San Diego County, California. The species is found within 50 km of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Barbara, California to Valle de las Palmas, Baja California Norte, Mexico. It can be distinguished from the other six branchinectids inhabiting southern California by the combination of thoracic spine pattern, ovary length, ovisac length and shape, and egg morphology of females and the form of the second antenna of males. Vernal pools, so named for their colorful, springtime floral displays as the pools dry after winter rains, have long been known for their endemic floras (Crampton 1976, Hol-land & Jain 1977). Only one fairy shrimp however was known to be endemic to the extensive vernal pool habitat ranging from southern Oregon through the Central Valley of California and into northern Baja Cali-fornia, Mexico (Dodds 1923, Brtek 1964) before a recent monograph on the Anostra-ca of California described four endemic, vernal pool species (Eng et al. 1990). Here I describe another species found primarily in vernal pools atop mesas in San Diego County, California. Methods Animals were obtained either from filled pools or by hydrating soil samples from dry pools. Freshly molted individuals were fixed for 3 hours in 3% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M sodium cacodylate at pH 7.4, post-fixed with 2% osmium tetroxide in sodium cacodylate for 2 hours, dehydrated in a graded series of 1 0% glacial acetic acid in absolute etha-nol, and transferred to absolute ethanol. The eggs were air-dried from absolute ethanol, the mandibles were air-dried after 10 min-utes in tetramethylsilane (Dey et al. 1989), and all other parts were critically point-dried, coated with gold-palladium and ob-served on a Philips 515 scanning electron microscope. Branchinecta sandiegonensis, new species Figs. 1-13 Type material. —One 6, holotype, USNM 256557, 1 9, allotype, USNM 256558, 2 6, 3 9, paratypes, USNM 256556, 3 <5, 5 9, paratypes, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History (LACM), LACM 90-356. 1 , 2 (5, 3 9, paratypes, Hungarian Museum of Natural History, Del Mar Mesa, San Diego County, California, USA (32°51'N, 1 17°15'W), 17 Mar 1990 (coll. M. Simovich & M. Fugate); 4 6, 8 9, paratypes, LACM 89-357. 1 , 4 3, 5 9, paratypes Museo Ciencias Naturales de La Plata, Kearney Mesa (Mir-amar Naval Air Station), San Diego County, California (32°50'N, 1 17°09'W), 8 Feb 1990 (coll. M. Simovich); 50 S, 50 9, paratypes, USNM 294523, Ramona, San Diego Coun-ty, California (33°02'N, 116°52'W), 4 Mar 1962 (coll. J. E. Lynch); 50 ^, 50 9, para-



Branchinecta sandiegonensis, a new species of fairy shrimp (Crustacea: Anostroca) from Western North America

M Fugate
Proceedings of The Biological Society of Washington 106: 296-304 (1993)

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