290 Mr. A. White on new species of Coleoptera, the second, third, and fourth are short, transverse, and widest at top ; the first four are hairy on the under side and edges ; the second, third, and fourth are somewhat truncated at the end, and have traces of a horny pad. This may belong to a distinct genus, which may be known by this character and the more shm antennae, with the pectination coming from nearer the base of Qdich. ]omi {Epilichas). EXPLANATION OF PLATE VIL Fig, \. Paralichas Guerinii, male, magnified: 1 a, the case, of the natural size, with the insect's head and thorax exserted ; 1 b, the case, of the natural size, open, Mgs, 1 c. and 1 d. show small portions of the case, highly magnified. Fig. 1 c. represents a piece of the inside of the case. Fig. 1 d. shows a portion of the coarser-grained outside. Spicilegia Entomologica. — IV. Diagnoses Coleopterorum qua-tuor. Auctore A. White, in Mus. Brit. Auxiliario. DiSTiCHOCERA (gen. Kirbii) Thomsonella, n. s. D. velutina, nigerrima ; capita, thorace, scutello elytrisque albo sericeo macu-latis ; pedibus nigris, femoribus, apice nigro excepto, rubris ( c? ). Long. lin. 6^. Hab. Australia. D. maculicolli minor. Species quinta et caeteris, a Kirby et Newman descriptis, valde distincta. Nomen fert Dom. J. Thomson, auctoris * Archives Ento-mologiques/ Coleopterophili Celebris. SxiGMonERA (gen. Solieri) Bakewellii, n. s. S. subcylindrica, Sternocerce specie! subsimilis ; elytris elongatis, simplicibus, punc-tato-striatis, luteis ; thorace purpureo-flavo, cyaneo et viridi mi-cante, rude et creberrime punctato; corpore subtus cseruleo-viridi fasciato; pedibus cseruleo-viridibus. Long. unc. 1, lin. 10. Hab. Australia, in "Maillee scrub" {Eucalyptus dumosus). Mus. Brit. (Dom. R. Bakewell.) Temnognatha (gen. Solieri) Imperatrix, n. s. T. elytris apice mueronatis, sutura etiam apiculata ; thorace supra viridi metallico punctato, maculisque parvis coalescentibus Isevibus aureo-flavis, lateribus subtus flavis, punctatis, punctis viridibus ; elytris aureo-flavis, sutura, marginibus lateralibus (basi excepta) purpureo-nigris, ad medium dorsi maculis 3-4 parvis transversis purpureo-nigris ; pedibus viridibus ; corpore subtus flavo, viridi decorato. Long, unc. 1, lin. 6. Hab. Australia (Swan River). {Forsan ab Hope sen Thomson nominata.) ScHizoRHiNA (Hemipharis sen Diapkonia) Bakewellii, n. s. 8. capite, corpore subtus pedibusque nigerrimis ; thorace dorso



Spicilegia Entomologica.--IV. Diagnoses Coleopterorum quatuor

A White
Annals And Magazine of Natural History (3) 3: 290-291 (1859)

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