Phytologia (August 1991) 71(2):152-159. TWO NEW SPECIES OF ARCHIBACCHARIS {kSl^RkZ^k^: ASTEREAE) FROM MEXICO WITH A REEVALUATION OF SECTIONAL GROUPINGS IN THE GENUS Guy L. Nesom Department of Botany, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 78713 U.S.A. ABSTRACT Six sections aire recognized within the genus Archibaccharis, com-pared to the two previously recognized by Jackson. The four newly described sections, which are primarily segregated from sect. Archibac-charis sensu Jackson, are sect. Tomentosa, sect. Stricta, sect. Glan-dulicarpa, and sect. Stylosa. In this modified view, the difference between "erect" and "scandent" habit is not as absolute as conceived by Jackson, since five of the six sections include species with scandent tendencies. The sectional placement of all 32 species of the genus is proposed, including two species that are described as new. Archibac-charis tuxtlensis sp. nov. (sect. Glandulicarpa) is described from the peak of Volcan San Martin Tuxtla in Veracruz, Mexico. Archibaccha-ris vesticaulis sp. nov. (sect. Stylosa) from southern Chiapas is appar-ently most closely related to A. salmeoides (S.F. Blake) S.F. Blake. KEY WORDS: Archibaccharis, Asteraceae, Astereae, Mexico, tax-onomy I. Sectional classification of Archibaccharis The taxonomic revision of the genus Archibaccharis Heering by J. D. Jack-son (1974, 1975) provided a detailed and coherent taxonomic interpretation of the genus, but since his study there have been changes in the nomenclature and delimitation of numerous taxa (Nesom 1988a), and a number of additional species have been described (Turner 1984; Sundberg 1984; Nesom 1988b, 1989, 1990). Jackson divided the genus into two sections, based on the habit of the plants (erect -sect. Archibaccharis vs. scandent -sect. Htrtella J.D. Jackson). In a reevaluation of the relationships of all the species, the present study di-vides sect. Archibaccharis sensu Jackson into four separate sections, three of 152



Two new species of Archibaccharis (Asteraceae: Astereae) from Mexico with a reevaluation of sectional groupings in the genus

G L Nesom
Phytologia 71: 152-159 (1991)

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