Proceedings of the United States National Museum SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION ? WASHINGTON, D.C. Volume 118 1966 Number 3 ,25 REVISION OF THE PILARGIDAE (ANNELIDA: POLYCHAETA), INCLUDING DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW SPECIES, AND REDESCRIPTION OF THE PELAGIC PODARMUS PLOA CHAMBERLIN (POLYNOIDAE) By Marian H. Pettibone Associate Curator, Division of Worms In studying some polychaete material from the Chesapeake Bay, collected by Dr. Marvin Wass of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, 5 species of pilargids were found, including 3 new species and a species that appeared to be one of the questionable species of Webster, 1879, from Virginia. This prompted a review of the family. The Pilargidae was monographed by Hartman in 1947, including descriptions of 5 species, references to 21 species in all, and keys to the species of Pilargis, Ancistrosyllis, and Loandalia. Seven additional species and 3 genera were listed by Hartman in 1959 and 10 species and 1 genus have been added since 1959, bringing to 38 the number of species included up to the present time in this family. Ancistrosyllis longicirrata Berkeley and Berkeley, 1961, was placed by the authors in the Pilargidae but an examination of the holotype, sent on loan through the kindness of Cyril Berkeley, shows that it should be re-ferred to Podarmus Chamberlin in the Polynoidae; it is redescribed in this paper. 155



Revision of the Pilargidae (Annelida: Polychaeta), including descriptions of new species, and redescriptions of the pelagic Podarmus ploa Chamberlain (Polynoidae)

Marian H Pettibone
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 118(3525): 155-208 (1966)

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