THE TAXONOMY AND HOST KELATIONSHIPS OF THE BITING LICE OF THE GENERA DENNYUS AND EUREUM, INCLUDING THE DESCRIPTIONS OF A NEW GENUS, SUBGENUS, AND FOUR NEW SPECIES By H. E. EwiNG Of the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture The Mallophagan genera Dennyus and Eureum are of particular interest to those who use the host-parasite method of attack in their studies of the phylogeny of either the hosts or the parasites. Species of the two genera infest swifts and swallows, hosts of similar habits but presumably of no phylogenetic unity. Yet in the past species from both types of bird hosts have been placed in both genera. Harrison (1916) in his catalogue contributed much toward clarify-ing the synonymy of the species of Dennyus. He listed as valid six species of the genus. He also listed four other species, three from Micropus apus and one from Aeronautes melanoleucus as being synonyms. Of Harrison's six valid species all but one of them come from swifts. This one, D. latifrons Carriker and Shull, was taken from a bank swallow. The genus Dennyus has for its type the Nitzschia hurmeisteri of Denny. The generic name Nitzschia Denny (1842), being pre-occupied by Nitzschia Baer (1827), is superseded by Dennyus, a name proposed by Neumann in 1906. The species hurmeisferi Denny was taken from the same host, Micropus (Cypselus) apus, as trun-catus Olfers and is, according to Harrison, a synonym of the latter species. But this type host of the type species of Dennyus is also the type host of the type species of Euremn Nitzsch! But the type species of Eweum, E. cimicoides Nitzsch (fig. 5), is a very distinc-tive one and could not be confused with truncatus Olfers from the same host. E. cimicoides is a very large and very broad louse and to the unaided eye does suggest a bedbug, as its name indicates. D truncatus, on the other hand, is a slender species. Included also in Eureum Nitzsch besides the type species is an-other, E. malleus Nitzsch, which comes from a swallow, not a swift. The writer has not seen this second species, but has studied a simi-lar one taken from an American swallow, the purple martin. No. 2843.— Proceedings of the U. S. National Museum, Vol. 77, Art. £0 2606—30 1 1



The taxonomy and host relationships of the biting lice of the genera Dennyus and Eureum, including the descriptions of a new genus, subgenus, and four species

H E Ewing
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 77(2843): 1-16 (1930)

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