422 Mr. A. White on some new Insects from China. LIV. — Descriptions of some new species of Coleoptera and Ho-moptera from China. By Adam White, Esq., M.E.S. Lond. and France, In a small collection of insects sent to the British Museum by John Bowring, Esq., and collected by him in the island of Hong Kong, occur the species described below. In a letter Mr. Bow-ring remarks : " I have been much surprised at finding that there is so great a difference between the insects on this island and those on Macao Peninsula, a difference for which it is difficult to account, in places so close to each other (Macao is only 40 miles off) . The climate here is certainly damper, and the character of the land much more rocky and clayey. Macao is chiefly a sandy soil." Cicindela posticalis. — A species nearly allied to Cic. analis, Fabr., from which it may be distinguished by its thorax being more globular ; the elytra want the depression about the middle, which gives to analis a velvety-like mark on that part ; in this the terminal segments of the abdomen, instead of being rufous, are of a deep blackish blue ; in other respects it resembles C. analis, Fabr., of which it may prove a local variety. Length 6| lines. Hab. Hong Kong ; John Bowring, Esq. Tricondyla pulchripes. — Of a deep black, the elytra with a greenish bronzed tinge. Head smooth, the peduncles from which the eyes project with several fine striae. Thorax considerably elongated, with a faint impressed line down the middle and an arched line on each side ; between the arched lines are many fine but very distinct slightly waved transverse lines which run into each other; the sides of the thorax are quite smooth. Elytra punctured at the end, at the base rugose, and about the middle transversely but irregularly lineated, with deep dots in the lines, which give these parts the ap-pearance of being scaled. Legs, especially the femora which are more lightly co-loured, with a fine purplish tinge. Length 8 lines. Hab. Hong Kong; John Bowring, Esq., who sent me the sketch. Helluo [Acanthogenius) asteriscus. — Head, thorax and elytra deeply punctured, rather hairy, and with the legs of an obscure pitchy black ; the large labrum is smooth and polished. Elytra with nine striae, the interval between the eighth and ninth having a row of large papillated points ; third, fourth, fifth, sixth and



Descriptions of some new species of Coleoptera and Homoptera from China

A White
Annals and Magazine of Natural History 14: 422-426 (1844)

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