1871.] ON BIRDS FROM THE PACIFIC ISLANDS. 21 posterior extremity ovate ; anterior extremity rounded ; internal margin simple, reddish purple within. Length 3| lines, alt. 3, lat. If line. Hab. Port Jackson ; dredged near the " Sow and Pigs " {Brazier). 33. Perna confusa, n. sp. (Plate I. fig. 33.) Shell transverse, concentrically finely striated, olive-brown, paler below the umbonal ridge ; umbones tumid, approximate, and almost terminal, the umbonal ridge much raised and roundly angulate ; dorsal margin straight, forming an angle with the posterior margin, which is arcuate above and rounded at the end ; ventral margin slightly convex anteriorly, incurved behind. Length 12 lines, alt. 6, lat. 5 lines. Hab. Lane Cove River, Port Jackson. Something like P.fortunei, but four times the size, more pinched and arcuate, and different in colour. I adopt the original generic appellation of Perna as applied by Messrs. H. & A. Adams to this genus, which has priority over Mo-diola and Vohella. The Perna of Bruguieres (1792) is Isognomon of Klein (1753). 34. Limopsis brazieri, n.sp. (Plate I. fig. 34.) Shell depressedly subtriangularly ovate, subequilateral, whitish, concentrically finely ridged, and very faintly radiately striated, covered with a light brownish epidermis, which extends beyond the margin ; umbones submedian, rather prominent. Length 2\ lines, alt. 2, lat. l£ line. Hab. Dredged at the "Sow and Pigs," Port Jackson {Brazier). N.B. I have placed the typical specimens of all the foregoing spe-cies in the British Museum. 3. On a Collection of Birds from Savai and Rarotonga Islands in the Pacific. By Dr. G. Hartlatjb, F.M.Z.S., and Dr. O. Finsch, C.M.Z.S. [Received January 2, 1871.] (Plate II.) The meritorious efforts of Mr. Johann Cesar Godeffroy, head of the well-known Hamburgian firm, to explore, in connexion with his mercantile undertakings, various parts of our globe to which his vessels resort, have been again successful as regards the avifauna of the Pacific. We have had the pleasure of receiving two small col-lections of birds : one from the island Savai or Savaihi, made by Mr. Kubary ; the other from the small island Rarotonga, made by Mr. A. Garrett. Savai, the largest of the islands of the Navigator group, in which



On a collection of birds from Savai and Rarotonga Islands in the Pacific

G Hartlaub and O Finsch
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1871: 21-32 (1871)

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