120 MR. OLDPIELD THOMAS OX THE MAMMALS-Explanation af Lettering on I'ext-figures. mandibular arch. mandibular branch of trigeminal. mesoblast of mandibular arch. myotome 1-6. mouth. maxillary branch of trigeminal. neural arch. notochord. nasal sac. occipital arch. optic cup. optic nerve. pericardium. preoccipital arch. preorbital process. profundus nerve. pronephros. quadrate. metaotic somite, hyomandibular somite, hind limit of skull, mandibular somite, superior ophthalmic nerve, first spinal lierve. f, second spinal nerve, dorsal and ventral root, spinal ganglion, spiracular slit, ventral i-oot of spinal nerve, trabecula ci'anii. trigeminal ganglion, trabecular parachordal, tectum synoticum. vagus nerve. ventral lateral line nerve, roots of vagus and glossopharyn-geal, ventral root. 9. The Mammals o£ the Tenth Edition o£ Liunsens ; an Attempt to fix the Types of the Genera and the exact Bases and Localities of the Species. By Oldfield Thomas, F.R.S., F.Z.S. [Received November 29, 1910: Eead December 13, 1910.] The tenth edition of Linne's 'Systema Naturae' is the recognized basis and commencement of all systematic zoological work, but doubtful questions in its interpretation are very numerous, and there is probably nothing more desired, by mammalogists at least, than a methodical examination of this important work, with suggestions, obtained on some definite and uniform system, foi-the identification of its types, both of genera and species. For many years I have taken a very great interest in this subject, a,nd have now ventured to prepaie the present paper, with the hope that it may be of service to other mammalogists less favourably .situated as regards book.s and specimens than 1 have



The mammals of the tenth edition of Linnaeus; an attempt to fix the types of the genera and the exact bases and localities of the species

O Thomas
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1911: 120-158 (1911)

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