PROC. ENTOMOL. SOC. WASH. 102(3), 2000, pp. 741-746 ARCHIPS GOYERANA, N. SP. (LEPIDOPTERA: TORTRICIDAE) AN IMPORTANT PEST OF BALDCYPRESS (TAXODIACEAE) IN LOUISIANA AND MISSISSIPPI James J. Kruse Division of Insect Biology, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Man-agement, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A. (e-mail: kruse@nature. Abstract. — Archips goyerana, new species, is described and illustrated from southern Louisiana and southwestern Mississippi. It appears to be host-specific on baldcypress {Taxodium distichum; Taxodiaceae) and has become a serious pest of that tree species since its discovery in 1983. Notes on its biology are given, and differences between it and its sister species, A. argyrospila, are outlined. Although morphological differences between A. goyerana and A. argyrospila are subtle, they are corroborated by differences in forewing pattern, larval food plant preferences, and molecular data. Key words: Tortricinae, Archipini, Taxodium Archips (Hiibner) is a large genus of at least 80 species widely distributed in the Nearctic, Palaearctic and Oriental regions (Razowski 1977, 1997). The fruittree leaf-roller, Archips argyrospila (Walker), is probably the most widespread of the ap-proximately 25 species of Archips in North America. It is a notorious, polyphagous pest of orchard trees throughout the northern United States and southern Canada (Chap-man and Lienk 1971, Smirle 1993, Meeker and Goyer 1994, Goyer and Chambers 1997). Owing to the presence of numerous geographic forms and its considerable phe-notypic variation, Mac Kay (1962) and Goy-er et al. (1995) suggested that A. argyros-pila may consist of a number of different sibling species that are differentiated by food plant preference and/or geographical distribution. In this paper I describe A. goy-erana, a sibling species that feeds on bald-cypress {Taxodium distichum L. Rich., Tax-odiaceae) in Louisiana and Mississippi. This species has inflicted serious and wide-spread defoliation in southern Louisiana since its discovery in 1983 (Braun et al. 1990, Meeker and Goyer 1993, Goyer et al. 1995). Aerial surveys conducted annually have found as many as 60,000 ha of bald-cypress forest affected by this insect in southern Louisiana (Goyer and Chambers 1997). Materials and Methods Institutions are abbreviated throughout the text as follows: Essig Museum of En-tomology (EMEC), University of Califor-nia, Berkeley, Ca, USA; Louisiana State Arthropod Museum (LSAM), Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Mississippi Entomological Mu-seum (MEM), Mississippi State, MS, USA; National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Smithsonian Institution, Wash-ington. DC, USA; University of Minnesota, Saint Paul (UMSP), MN, USA. Specimens were obtained from the EMEC, MEM, and Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSUAC), Baton Rouge, LA, USA.



Archips goyerana, n. sp. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) an important pest of baldcypress (Taxodiaceae) in Louisiana and Mississippi

J J Kruse
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 102: 741-746 (2000)

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