PROC. ENTOMOL. SOC. WASH. 98(4), 1996, pp. 708-740 AN ANNOTATED LIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BLASTOBASINAE (LEPIDOPTERA: GELECHIOIDEA: COLEOPHORIDAE) David Adamski and Ronald W. Hodges Systematic Entomology Laboratory, PSI, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Depart-ment of Agriculture, % National Museum of Natural History, MRC 168, Washington, DC 20560, U.S.A. Abstract. — An annotated list of the North American Blastobasinae (Lepidoptera: Ge-lechioidea: Coleophoridae) is based upon the examination of type specimens of all avail-able names. In addition, an abridged list is included to facilitate taxonomic reference. Lectotypes are designated for 52 species. Sixty-one new synonymies are proposed; in-cluding Blastobasis modestella (Clemens, 1863), a suppressed senior synonym of B. glan-dulella (Riley, 1871), pending ruling on application for suppression submitted to ICZN. Four species are elevated from varietal status to full species status, one species is of revised status, and one species is of new status. Blastobasis segnella Zeller, 1873 is omitted from the list because it does not occur in America North of Mexico. Key Words: Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae, check list The Blastobasinae are small to medium-sized, narrow-winged moths. Approximate-ly 200 species are known worldwide. This number, however, greatly underestimates the species richness of the group because many undescribed species, especially from the Neotropics, are represented in museum collections. The blastobasine moths are probably one of the most commonly col-lected groups of Gelechioidea in the Amer-icas. Yet this subfamily may be one of the least known to science. Generally, species are drab with few, if any, diagnostic wing color patterns, making identifications diffi-cult unless the genitalia are examined. Since Meyrick (1894) the Blastobasinae have been considered to be a monophyletic group. Recent studies (Adamski and Brown 1989, Hodges, in press) have corroborated this notion and have rigorously established the monophyletic relationships among the genera and the phylogenetic relationships of Blastobasinae within Gelechioidea. Our list follows the current phylogenetic classifica-tion of the Gelechioidea proposed by Hodg-es (in press). In this work the Blastobasidae {sensu Adamski and Brown 1989) are treat-ed as a subfamily within the Coleophoridae. Consequently, all higher category names proposed by Adamski and Brown (1989) are reduced in level within this list. Materials and Methods All type specimens were obtained by loan or examined and dissected at the fol-lowing institutions: ANSP — Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsyl-vania, USA; BMNH— The Natural History Museum, London (formerly, British Muse-um of Natural History), England; CNC — Canadian National Collection, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Canada; MCZ — Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univer-sity Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; UCB — University of California, Berkeley, California, USA; USNM — National Muse-



An annotated list of North American Blastobasinae (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Coleophoridae)

D Adamski and R W Hodges
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 98: 708-740 (1996)

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