A REVISION OF THE STAPHYLINID^E OF AUSTRALIA. By A. Sidney Olliff, F.E.S., Assistant Zoologist, Australian Museum. Part I. It is now some months since I undertook, at the request of the Hon. William Macleay, to prepare a descriptive paper on the Australian Staphylinidse for publication in the Proceedings of this Society. It was not without considerable hesitation that I undertook the task as I knew that if I did so it implied the examination of many hundred specimens and the preparation of a large number of microscopic dissections of their mouth-parts and appendages. When I began to investigate the literature of the subject I soon found that as regards the genera my work would not be as satisfactory as I could wish. Outside the Palsearctic or North-Temperate region comparatively little is known of these insects and consequently the present classification of the family is founded to a large extent on the species of Europe and North America. Following the example of that distinguished specialist Dr. David Sharp, who in an elaborate paper on the Staphylinidse of the Amazon Valley (Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond., 1876) distinctly stated his object was to describe the species and that he only concerned himself with genera because questions of nomenclature compelled him to do so, I have refrained from making new generic names except in the case of a few very distinct forms. When our know-ledge of this group is more complete I have no doubt it will be found convenient to establish genera for some Australian species now associated with European forms, but at this distance from the large collections of Europe and in the absence of complete scientific libraries it is not possible to deal with the genera with any certainty of good results and I have, therefore, contented myself with sum-marizing their characters and adding such hints as appeared to me likely to assist in the identification of their species.



A revision of the Staphylinidae of Australia. Part I

A S Olliff
Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 1: 403-473 (1886)

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