210 Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 46(3) September 1989 OPINION 1560 Asterias squamata Delle Chiaje, 1828 (currently AmphiphoUs squamata; Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea): specific name conserved Ruling ( 1 ) Under the plenary powers the specific name elegans Leach, 1 8 1 5, as published in the binomen Ophiura elegans, is hereby suppressed for the purposes of the Principle of Priority but not for those of the Principle of Homonymy. (2) The name squamata Delle Chiaje, 1828, as published in the binomen Asterias squamata, is hereby placed on the Official List of Specific Names in Zoology. (3) The name elegans Leach, 1 8 1 5, as published in the binomen Ophiura elegans and as suppressed in (1) above, is hereby placed on the Official Index of Rejected and InvaUd Specific Names in Zoology. History of Case 2131 An application for the conservation oi Asterias squamata Delle Chiaje, 1828 was received from Miss A. M. Clark {formerly of the British Museum (Natural History) , London) on 18 July 1975. The Commission Secretariat was unable to proceed with the case at that time, and the case was published in BZN 44: 246-247 (December 1987). Notice of the case was sent to appropriate journals. A comment 'enthusiastic in sup-port' was received in October 1988 from Dr G. Hendler {Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A.). Decision of the Commission On 1 March 1989 the members of the Commission were invited to vote on the proposals published in BZN 45: 247. At the close of the voting period on 1 June 1989 the votes were as follows: Affirmative votes — 18: Bayer, Bock, Cocks, Corliss, Hahn, Halvorsen, Holthuis, Kabata. Kraus, Martins de Souza, Mroczkowski, Nielsen, Ride, Savage, Schuster, Thompson, Ueno, Willink Negative votes — 2: Cogger and Lehtinen. No vote was received from Heppell. Starobogatov and Trjapitzin were on leave of absence. Dupuis abstained as he thought the taxonomic position was too unclear. Cogger would have voted for precedence being given to the name squamata. Original references The following are the original references to the names placed on an Official List and an Official Index by the ruling given in the present Opinion: elegans, Ophiura, Leach, 1815, Leach & Nodder, Zoological Miscellany, vol. 2, p. 57. squamata, Asterias, Delle Chiaje, 1828, Memorie sulla storia e notomia degli animali senza vertebre del Regno di Napoli, vol. 3, p. 77.



Opinion 1560 Asterias Squamata delle Chiaje, 1828 (currently Amphiphous Squamata; Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea): specific name conserved

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 46: 210-210 (1989)

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