PROCEEDINGS OF THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM /55uc(/i^5(\v4,\j?Ml^y '^* SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION U. S. NATIONAL MUSEUM Vol. 102 Wa.hington: 1952 No. 3291 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MORPHOLOGY AND TAXONOMY OF THE BRANCHIOPODA NOTOSTRACA, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE NORTH AMERICAN SPECIES By FOLKE LiNDER INTRODUCTION Since the days when Packard's "Monograph of the Ph3dlopod Crustacea of North America" was published (1883), the accessible material of notostracans has grown considerably, and the principles commonly used for the taxonomy have been discussed in several papers. Analyses of these characters, especially by Bracm (1893), Gurney (1923, 1924), Sidorov (1927), Barnard (1929), and Gauthier (1934), have established a considerable variation in most of the char-acters of European, Asiatic, and African forms. This variation, of course, does not make a survey of the Notostraca of North America an easy task, and when I venture such a siu-vey here, I wish to note that in some respects it is tentative only. It is based mainly upon a study of the collections of the U. S. National Museum, amounting to 109 lots and considerably more than 2,000 specimens. This study was performed during a 3 months' visit to the Museum in 1946, and was made possible by a grant from the Smithsonian Institution, to which my thanks are due for this generous support. I am also greatly indebted to Dr. Waldo L. Schmitt and other officials of the Museum for having most Idndly facilitated my work. Also, Prof. J. E. Lynch, University of Washington, Seattle, Idndly allowed me to examine some important material from the northwestern United States. For comparison I had specimens from other parts of the world, though this material, about 3,000 specimens from 71 localities, has not been as comprehensive as could be desired. 1 /^PP 6 1955



Contributions to the morphology and taxonomy of the Branchiopoda Notostraca, with special reference to the North American species

Folke Linder
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 102(3291): 1-69 (1956)

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