Vol. XXVIII, pp. 71-78 March 12, 1915 PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON RECENT NOTES REGARDING WEST INDIAN REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS. BY T. BARBOUR. Since my preliminary survey of the herpetological fauna of the West Indies * was published, new material has made it possible to clear up the identity of several species the status of which was in doubt, to present new locality records for several species, and to characterize some which appear to have remained undescribed. Since the revision of the genus Ameiva is the subject of a special study by Mr. G. K. Noble and myself no notes upon it will appear in this short paper. I also hope to review the Cuban forms in collaboration with Mr. C. T. Ramsden of Guantanamo hence I am reserving recent Cuban data for that paper, now fairly well under way. During the past summer Mr. G. K. Noble and Mr. F. R. Wulsin made a trip to the West Indies for the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. Mr. Wulsin was able to remain but a short time, while Mr. Noble remained for some ten weeks upon Guadeloupe making full collections of the land vertebrates. These men both got some interesting species upon other islands which they touched at both going and returning. Beside this Dr. A. G. Ruthven of the Zoological Museum of the University of Michigan has kindly allowed me to examine and retain a considerable portion of the material which he obtained during the stays in West Indian harbors of the ship in which he journeyed to and from Demarara. Some of his material has been extremely helpful. Eleutherodactylus lentus (Cope). Up to 1914 I had not been able to satisfy myself of the certainty of the occurrence of this species upon St. Croix, and I recorded it as confined • Mem. M. C. Z.. 44, 1914, p. 209-359, pi. 1. 10— Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., Vol. XXVIII, 1915. (71)



Recent notes regarding West Indian reptiles and amphibians.

T R Barbour
Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 28: 71-78 (1915)

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