THE IJRACIIYURA COLLECTED BY THE IT. S. FISH COM-MISSION STEAMEIi ALT.ATUOSS ON THE VOYACJE FROM NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, TO SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, 1887-1888. IJy Mary J. Rathbun, Second AsHkiaul Curator, Division of Marine Inr(rlcl>rates. The Albatross left Norfolk, N'irginia, November 20, 1887, and arrived at San Francisco, Calilbrnia, May 15, 1888. The principal shore sta-tions visited were as follows: Fort Castries, St. Lucia; IJaliia and the Abrolhos Islands, l>razil; Montevideo, Uruguay; seven places in ]\Iasellan Strait; five places on the west coast of ratagonia, or Ma^allanes territory, Chile; Lota and Tome, ('hile; Panama; eight of the Galapagos Islands; Acapulco, Mexico; Pichilin<iue Harbor, in La Paz ]>ay, Magdalcna I5ay, Abrcojos Point, and Cerros Island, Lower California; and San Clcmentc Island, Califoniiai. During the voyage, 01 hauls of the trawl and dredge were made and lU casts of the tow net. Prol. Leslie A. Lee, of liowdoin College, was assistant in charge of the scientific staff during the expedition. It was his intention to rei)()rt upon the Brachyura collected, but the jn'essure of other duties bas delayed his studies on this group from year to year until in the autumn of 1807 he kindly transferred the collection to the writer. The l>rachyura number 151 species, of which 'M are new. Twenty-four other species were undescribed at the time of the expedition, but have been made known from other cruises during the past ten years. With one exception the new forms are from the Pacific, and nearly all are from the coasts of Lower California. The range of nuiny West Indian shallow-water forms is extended southward to Ca[)e St. Roque, Brazil; while from station 27(52, in the latitude of Rio de .Janeiro, and at a depth of 5!> fathoms, we have the uncommon species, Tetraxanthus htdentainn (A. Milne-Edwards), Micro-panope .vantliifonnis (A. Milne Edwards), and Cliafimoeareinus typicus Rathbun, known otherwise only from the West Indian region. At station 27(>3, ()71 fathoms, latitude 24° 17' south, occur Geryon quimiue-dens Smith and Etlmsina ahysKicola Smith, species inhabiting the deep waters off the eastern coast of the North American continent. Proceedings U. S. National Museum, Vol. XXI-No. 1 162. 567



The Brachyura collected by the U. S. Fish Commission steamer Albatross on the voyage from Norfolk, Virginia, to San Francisco, California, 1887-1888

Mary Jane Rathbun
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 21(1162): 567-616 (1898)

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