138 Biillclin of Zoological Nomenclature OPINION 864 PENAEID GENERIC NAMES (CRUSTACEA, DECAPODA): ADDITION OF TWENTY-EIGHT TO THE OFFICIAL LIST RULING. — (I) Under the plenary powers: (a) the following emendations are hereby validated ; (i) Alypopenaeus for the generic name originally published as Atypopeneus Alcock, 1905; {\\) Parapenaeopsis for the generic name originally published as Parapeneopsis Alcock, 1901 ; (iii) Trachypenaeopsis for the generic name originally published as Trachypeneopsis Burkenroad, 1934; (iv) Trachypenaeus for the generic name originally published as Trachypeneiis Wcock, 1901; (v) Xiphopenaeus for the generic name originally published as Xiphopeneus Smith, 1869; (b) both parts of the publication by W. G. Tilesius von Tilenau entitled " Ueberdas niichthche Leuchten des Meerwassers " published in 1814, Ann. Wetterau. Ges. Naturk. 3 : 360-372 and 1818, ibid. 4 : 1-10, pis. 20a, b, 21a, b, are hereby suppressed for the purposes of zoological nomenclature; (c) it is hereby directed that the generic name Metapeitaeus Wood-Mason, 1891, be given priority over the generic name Mangahira Miers, 1878, by any author who considers these two nominal genera to be synonymous. (2) The following generic names are hereby placed on the Official List of Generic Names in Zoology with the Name Numbers specified: (a) Acetes H. Milne Edwards, 1830 (gender: masculine), type-species, by monotypy, Aceies indiciis H. Milne Edwards, 1830 (Name No. 1803); (b) Aristaeomorpha Wood-Mason, 1891 (gender: feminine), type-species, by original designation, Aristeus rostridentatus Bate, 1881 (Name No. 1804); (c) Aristeus Duvernoy, 1840 (gender: masculine), type-species, by original designation, Penaeus antennatus Risso, I8I6 (Name No. 1805); (d) Anemesia Bate, 1888 (gender: feminine), type-species, by monotypy, Artemesia longinaris Bate. 1888 (Name No. 1806); (e) Alypopenaeus (emend, under the plenary powers oi Atypopeneus) Alcock, 1905 (gender: masculine), type-species, by original designation, Penaeus compressipes Henderson, 1893 (Name No. 1807); (f) Benthesicymus Bate, 1881 (gender; masculine), type-species, by desig-nation by Bate. 1888. Benlhesicvmus crenatus Bate. 1881 (Name No. 1808); (g) Benthonectes Smith, 1885 (gender: masculine), type-species, by mono-typy, Benthonectes filipes Smith, 1885 (Name No. 1809); Bull. zool. Nomencl., Vol. 25, Parts 4/5. January 1969.



Opinion 864 Penaeid generic names (Crustacea, Decapoda): addition of Twenty-eight to the Official List

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 25: 138-147 (1969)

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