Revue suisse de Zoologie 117 (4): 611-635; décembre 2010 A new genus of Sensitibillini from Brazilian caves (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Prionoglarididae) Charles LIENHARD 1 , Thais OLIVEIRA DO CARMO 2 & Rodrigo LOPES FERREIRA 2 1 Muséum d'histoire naturelle, c. p. 6434, CH-1211 Genève 6, Switzerland. Corresponding author. E-mail: charleslienhard@blue\ 2 Universidade Fédéral de Lavras, Departamento de Biologia (Zoologia), CP. 3037, CEP. 37200-000 Lavras (MG), Brazil. A new genus of Sensitibillini from Brazilian caves (Psocodea: Tsocoptera': Prionoglarididae). -The genus Neotrogla Lienhard gen. n. is described for three new cave-dwelling species from Brazil: Neotrogla brasiliensis Lienhard sp. n. (from Minas Gérais State), N. aurora Lienhard sp. n. (from Tocantins State) and N. truncata Lienhard sp. n. (from Bahia State). Thèse species are the first Neotropical représentatives of the sub - family Speleketorinae and the first New World représentatives of the tribe Sensitibillini, previously known only from southern Africa. This distri- butional pattern of Sensitibillini is tentatively interpreted as due to Western Gondwanan vicariance. In the females of Neotrogla a complex of accessory structures to the spermathecal duct is described and denoted by the new term "gynosome". A hypothesis of functional complementarity, during copulation, between the "penis-like" gynosome and the strongly reduced maie phallosome of Neotrogla is presented. Keywords: New species -Brazil -cave fauna -gynosome -phallosome - copulation -Western Gondwanan vicariance -living fossils. INTRODUCTION The current knowledge of the Brazilian 'Psocoptera* (i.e. non-parasitic Psocodea, see below) fauna has been summarized by Garcia Aldrete & Mockford (2009). It is clear that this picture is incomplète, and that the Neotropical fauna, espe- cially of subterranean biotopes. is poorly known. Récent studies of Brazilian caves have yielded numerous as yet undescribed species, and suggest that an unexpected diversity of Psocoptera awaits discovery. This paper reports the results of a study of the family Prionoglarididae, which has not previously been recorded from Brazil. Within the order Psocodea {sensu Yoshizawa & Johnson, 2006) the 'Psocoptera' family Prionoglarididae belongs to the basai suborder Trogiomorpha and has recently been placed in an infraorder of its own, the Prionoglaridetae (see Yoshizawa et al.. 2006). The family has been subdivided into two subfamilies by Lienhard (2004), Prionoglaridinae and Speleketorinae. The nominate subfamily contains three gênera, the Palaearctic Prionoglaris Enderlein (3 species; see Lienhard & Smithers, 2002), the Oriental Siamoglaris Lienhard (monotypic; see Lienhard, 2004) and the Neotropical Manuscript accepted 19.04.2010



A new genus of Sensitibillini from Brazilian caves (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Prionoglarididae)

Charles Lienhard, Thais Oliveira Do Carmo and Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira
Revue Suisse de Zoologie 117(4): 611-635 (2010)

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