THE CEPHALOPODA OF MADEIRA RECORDS AND DISTRIBUTION By W. J. REES AND G. E. MAUL CONTENTS Page I. INTRODUCTION .......... 259 II. A SUMMARY OF PREVIOUS RECORDS ...... 260 III. ADDITIONS TO THE FAUNA . . . . . . . .261 IV. AN ANALYSIS OF THE CEPHALOPOD FAUNA ..... 276 1. The coastal fauna ........ 276 2. The benthic slope fauna ....... 276 3. The bathy pelagic slope fauna . . . . . .276 4. The pelagic surface fauna . . . . . . .276 5. The epipelagic fauna . . . . . . .277 6. The oceanic bathypelagic fauna ...... 277 7. The abyssal fauna ........ 277 V. CEPHALOPODA AS FOOD OF A lepisaurus ferox .... 278 VI. REFERENCES .......... 280 SYNOPSIS The cephalopod fauna of Madeira is revised and no fewer than 22 additional species are added to the list, chiefly on account of the examination of the stomach contents of A lepisaurus ferox Lowe, Aphanopus carbo Lowe and the sperm whale. A total of 18 species (many of them rare and seldom taken in the nets of deep sea expeditions) are recorded from Alepisaurus ferox. The following little known species have been found in the stomachs of sperm whales at Madeira : Tetronychoteuthis dussumieri (Orbigny), Lepidoteuthis grimaldi Joubin and Architeuthis sp. The composite fauna is analysed and compared with that of the Mediterranean. I. INTRODUCTION THIS preliminary paper on the cephalopod fauna of Madeira has its origins in an investigation of the stomach contents of the voracious fish, Alepisaurus ferox Lowe. The work at Madeira was pursued for some years prior to the despatch of all the cephalopoda taken (together with representative local collections) to the British Museum (Natural History) for identification. The material yielded many species scarce in collections and it was deemed an opportune time to produce a new list of Madeiran cephalopods. This list is rich in the names of seldom-recorded species, chiefly because the fishes Alepisaurus ferox, Aphanopus carbo Lowe and the sperm whale have been examined for stomach contents. The occurrence of the various rare species are noted in the main part of the text, but special attention is drawn to the records of Lepidoteuthis grimaldi Joubin, Tetronychoteuthis dussumieri (Orbigny), Histioteuthis bonelliana (Ferussac) and Architeuthis from the sperm whale. ZOOL. 3, 6. 19



The Cephalopoda of Madeira

W J Rees and G E Maul
Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.) Zool. 3: 259-281 (1956)

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