DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW GENERA AND SPECIES OF SIAMESE FISHES By Hugh M. Smith Adviser in Fisheries to His Siamese Majesty's Government The collections of fishes made by the writer, his assistants, his friends, and his associates in other branches of the governmental serv- ice of Siam during the years 1923-1930 have comprised many thou- sands of specimens from all sections of the coast and interior. While the field is by no means exhausted, the collections afford a very fair idea of the fish life of the salt, brackish, and fresh waters of the country, and are particularly rich in material from the large and small rivers and the inland swamps, lakes, and canals. In advance of the preparation of a general account of the fish fauna of Siam, it is thought advisable to place on record some of the apparently undescribed genera and species that have been met with. This paper enumerates 8 new genera and 33 new species belonging in 7 families, as follows : CoBiTiDAE — Loaches. Botla heauforti^ new species. Botia horae^ new species. Cyprinidae — Minnows and Carps. Laubuca caerideostig^imta, new species. Danio kerri^ new species. Danio 'pulcher^ new species. Labeo hicolor^ new species. Cyclocheilichthys tapiensis, new species. Pvmtius metmorei^ new species. Puntius stigmatosomus, new species. Porofuntius normani, new genus and species. Barilius korafensis, new species. Barilius pulchellus, new species. Garra taeniata, new species. Epdlzeorhynchus simnensis, new species. Scaphog'natJnis stejnegeri, new genus and species. No. 2873.— Proceedings U. S. National Museum, Vol. 79, Art. 7. 32895—31 1 1



Descriptions of new genera and species of Siamese fishes

Hugh M Smith
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 79(2873): 2-49 (1931)

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