Nota lepid. 7 (3) : 187-192 ; 30.IX.1984 ISSN 0342-7536 Clepsis mehli (Opheim, 1964) a distinct species (Lepidoptera Tortricidae) Leif Aarvik and Knud Larsen L. Aarvik, Târnveien 6, N-1430 As, Norway ; K. Larsen, Niels Frederiksensalle 21, DK-2700 Bronshoj, Denmark. Summary On the basis of several Ö and ç specimens collected by the authors in northern Norway in 1982 it is stated that Clepsis mehli (Opheim, 1964) is a separate and valid species. In 1964 Opheim described mehli on the basis of a single specimen from northern Norway, but later Razowski (1979) changed its status to subspecies rank of the Japanese species Clepsis insignata Oku, 1963. Imago and genitalia of both sexes of the Clepsis species most related to mehli namely C. tannuolana Kostjuk, 1973 andC. insignata are figured and compared. C. mehli is more closely related to tannuolana than to insignata. Remarks on the variation and habitat of mehli are given. The description of Clepsis mehli (Opheim, 1964) was based on a single male from northern Norway: Fn : Vardo, 20.VÜ.1 962 (R. Mehl, coll. Zoological Museum, Oslo). It was described in the genus Epagoge Hb. (Opheim, 1964). The second specimen of mehli, also a male, was found in northern Norway as well: Fi: Rafsnes, primo.vii.1979 (J. Itämies) (Opheim, 1980). Razowski (1979), when revising the genus Clepsis Guenée, transferred mehli to Clepsis and included it in his unicolorana group. He also provisionally synonymized it with the Japanese species, C. insignata Oku, 1963, giving it status as a subspecies of insignata. In 1982 the authors collected a large series of mehli both males and the hitherto unknown female in a few localities near Alta in northern Norway : Fi : Rafsnes and Kvenvik and Fv : Kviby and Laukvik. This gave us an opportunity to study the taxonomic relationship between mehli and its relatives. The species in the unicolorana group are all very similar with respect to the morphology of the male genitalia (Razowski, 1979). The female genitalia usually offer more useful characters. Examination of the female 187



Clepsis mehli (Opheim, 1964) a distinct species (Lepidoptera Tortricidae)

L Aarvik and K Larsen
Nota Lepidopterologica 7: 187-192 (1984)

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