TENTACULARIID CESTODES OF THE ORDER TRYPANORHVNCHA (PLATYHELMINTHKS) FROM THE AUSTRALIAN REGION H. W. PALM & I. BEVERIDGE PALM. H. W. & BEVERIDGE. I. 2002. Tentaculariid ccstodes of Ihe order Trypanorhynch;, tPlalyhelminlhes) from die Ausuahan region. Records of the South Australian Museum 35(1): 49-78. The present study summarises information on tentaculariid try panorhynchs from Austialijn waters. A total of 19 species from uV genera Nybelinia Pocbe, 1926, Hetcrtmshclihia Palm, 1999. MUonybelinia Palm, 1999. Kotorella Euzet & RadujkoVic. 1989 and Kolorelhellu gen nov. were identified: N. aequidentata (Shipley & Hornet!, 1906); Nybelinia africatia Dollfus, I960: N. hemipristis sp. nov.; A*, jayapaularariahi Rcimer, 1980; N. mehllwrni sp. nov ; N. schnidii Palm, 1999; N. scoliodoni (Vijayalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi & Gangadharam, 1996); N. strongvki Dollftis. 1960: N. thyrsites Korolaeva, 1971; N. vktoriae sp. nov ; Htterotiybelinia ausimlis sp. nov.; H esligmena tDollfus, I960); //. pseudorohusta sp. nov.; Mixonybelinia beveridgri (Palm. Walter. Schwerdlfeger & Reimer, 1997): M. cribbi sp. nov., A*, edwinlimoni tDollfus, I960); M smtrluuflti Palm & Walter, 1999; Kotoretta pronosoma (Stossich, 1901) and KmnreHiella jonesi gen. el sp, nov. The new genus Ktiwrclliella is characterised by a homeoacanthnuK, heiemmorphous metabasal armature and a basal armature with additional interpolated hooks on the external surface of the tentacle thus appearing hctetoacantbous. The new species appears to be closely related to Kotorella pronosoma. The tentaculariid trypanorhynch fauna in Australian waters is species rich, with 22 (48%) of the tolal of 46 known species occurring in waters of the region. Eleven new locality, and 20 new host records are reported. H. \V. Palm, Insliiul fur Zoomorpltologie, Zellbiologie und Parasitologic. Hcinricli-Heinc Universilat Dusscldorf. UnivcrsitatsstraBe I, D-40225 Dtisseldorf, Getmany, current address: Centre for Coastal and Marine Resource Studies, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. 8ogor Agricultural University. 16680 Bogor, Indonesia; email; id, [email protected] and I. Bcvcridgc, Department of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia. Manuscript received 20 November 2000 Palm (1999), Palm et al. (1997), Palm and unidentified species of Nybelinia were not Overstrcet (2000) and Palm and Walter (1999, described until 1942 (Dollfus 1942). Korotaeva 2000) partially revised the trypanorhynch cestode (1971) named the Nybelinia species of Dollfus family Tentaculariidae Poche, 1926 on the basis (1942) N thyrsites and subsequently (Korotaeva of material deposited in museums in London 1974) reported additional unidentified Nybelinia Paris, Vienna and the United States. Following spp. from other Fishes from southern Australia the erection of two new genera, f-fetemnybelinia Lester et al (1988) and Sewell and Lester (1988.) Palm, 1999 and Mixonybelinia Palm, 1999 by reported Tentacuiaria sp. from orange roughy. Palm (1999), Palm and Walter (2000) gave a Hoplostethus atlanticus Colletl, 1889 off the summary Of the current state of knowledge Within coasts of South Australia and Tasmania, while the tentaculariid trypanorhynch genera. Thus, to Sewell and Lester (1995) found Nybelinia sp. in date, a total of 39 species of Kotorella, Nybelinia, jewfish, Rexea solaiulri (Cuvier & Valenciennes. tleteronybelinia and Miyonybelinia are considered 1832) from southern Australian waters. Beveridge valid (Palm &. Waller 2000). and Campbell (1996) recorded Tentacuiaria There is little known about the tentaculariid coryphaenae Bosc, 1797. Nyhelinia thyrsites trypanorhynchs from Australian coastal waters. Korotaeva, 1971 and N. s^iymuv Yamaguti, 1952 The first collections were made by a French from Australian fishes, while Jones and Beveridge scientific expedition under the command of (1998) added N. queenslandensis from a Nicolas Baudin between 1801 and 1803 carcharhinid shark as a new species. Palm (1999) (Bcvendgc & Campbell 1996), but the ccstodes, recorded Nybelinia lin/iualis (Cuvier. 1817) from Tenwcularia coryphaenae Bosc, 1797 and an southern Australian waters and Speare (1999)



Tentaculariid cestodes of the order Trypanorhyncha (Platyhelminthes) from the Australian region

Records of The South Australian Museum (Adelaide) 35: 49-78 (2002)

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