On Reptiles and Batrachians from Tropical Africa. 523 millim. Total leiip:th 149 IIen«l 13 Width of head 8 Body 41 Fori! limb 21 Iliiid limb 38 Tibiii 12 Tail 05 A single female specimen from the Province Matto Grosso, Brazil, collected by Dr. C. Ternetz. LXIII. — Xotice of Reptiles and Batrachians collected in the Eastern Half of Tropical Africa. By Dr. A. GuN'THER, Keeper of the Zoological Department, British Museum. [Plate XXI.] The principal object of this paper is to give an account of a small collection of Reptiles made by Mr. G. F. Sc'itt Elliot in the Victoria region at an elevation of less than 6000 feet, and during his journey to and sojourn in Uganda. However, it was found convenient to include in it also the examination of several other small East-African collections received about the same time from other sources. Tiie differences that were at one time supposed to exist between the East and West, the South and North of the lleptilian Fauna of Tropical Africa gradually disappear as we become better acquainted with the local fauna?. I. — Keptiles and Batrachians collected by ;Mr. G. F. Scott Elliot. Agama Gregorii, Giinth. Agnmn Gregorii, Ciiinth. Proc. Zool. Soc. 1894, p. 8G. Specimens of an Agama collected in Buddu and other j)arts of Uganda, at elevations of from 3800 to 4500 feet, come nearer to this species than to either A. atricollis or A. cyano-gaster^ to which this species is generally closely allied. The ventral scales are larger than in either of those two species, and keeled and acute on the hind margin, with the exception of those in the middle of the abdomen, which are smooth. Sone of these species have the scutes of the tail verticillated. 36*



LXIII.—Notice of Reptiles and Batrachians collected in the Eastern Half of Tropical Africa

A Günther
Annals Mag. Nat. Hist. (6) 15: 523-529 (1895)

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