Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria 47(2): 201-206 (1986) ISSN 0814-1827 A NEW GENUS AND SPECIES OF MORID FISH FROM SHALLOW COASTAL WATERS OF SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA ByC. D. Paulin National Museum of New Zealand, Private Bag, Wellington. New Zealand Abstract Paulin, C. D., 1986. A new genus and species of morid fish from shallow coastal waters of southern Australia. Mem. Mus. Vict. 47: 2(11-206. Eeyorius hutchinsi . a new monotypic genus and species is described from specimens col- lected in shallow coastal waters of Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Affinities lie with Pseudophycis and Lotella but Eeyorius differs from those genera in dentition and otolith shape. Introduction The family Moridae is represented in shallow coastal waters of Australia by Pseudophycis Gtinther and Lotella Kaup (Paulin, 1983). Both genera arc readily distin- guished on the basis of otolith shape (Karrcr, 1971; Fitch and Barker. 1972) and dentition. Otoliths of Pseudophycis can be distinguished from those of Lotella by the expanded rather than smooth dorsal margin; a crista superior as long as crista inferior rather than two-thirds length; ostium equal to rather than shorter than cauda; and a flat rather than recessed col- lum. Pseudophycis has a band of brush-like teeth whereas Lotella has an outer row of large widely spaced teeth and an inner band of smaller teeth (Kaup, 1858; Gunther, 1862; Cohen, 1979). Specimens of Moridae with otoliths charac- teristic of Lotella but with a band of brush-like teeth were reported from Victoria, Australia, by Paulin (1983). These, and a number of addi- tional specimens are here described as a new genus and species. Methods Methods of taking counts and measurements follow Paulin (1983). Counts of first dorsal fin rays include the minute rudimentary first ray. Osteological observations were made on a specimen cleared and stained by the trypsin- alizarin technique, and supplemented by radiographs of other specimens. Specimens examined are deposited in the following institutions: Australian Museum, Sydney (AM); Western Australian Museum, Perth (WAM); Museum of Victoria, Mel- bourne (NMV); National Museum of New Zealand, Wellington (NMNZ). Eeyorius gen. nov. L^p//a.-Paulin, 1983: 82 (not Lotella Kaup). Material examined. Pseudophycis baehus. 6 specimens + 4 pairs otoliths, NMNZ P. 7730; P. barbatus 10 specimens + 2 pairs otoliths, NMNZ P. 6783, P. 7707; P. breviuscula 8 specimens + 1 pair otoliths, NMNZ P. 14301; Lotella rhacinus 12 specimens + 6 pairs otoliths, NMNZ P. 4098, 4640; AM 115330-15: L. phveis 6 specimens + 1 pair otoliths, AM 120270-008, WAM P. 26004-011. Diagnosis. Snout obtusely rounded, not pro- jecting beyond mouth. Maxillary extending to beneath rear margin of orbit. Barbel present. Teeth small, pointed, arranged in 5-6 irregular rows forming a brush-like band on jaws. Upper jaw with a graded series, the outer teeth only slightly larger. Lower jaw with teeth of equal size. No teeth on vomer or palantines. Otolith pointed at both ends, ostium com- prises 40.6% of otolith length and is shorter than cauda; Crista superior almost as long as crista inferior (Fig. 1). Type species. Eeyorius hutchinsi sp. nov. 201



A new genus and species of morid fish from shallow coastal waters of Southern Australia

Memoirs of The National Museum of Victoria 47: 201-206 (1986)

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